SHARE Conference Aarhus

20. June 2014 This friday I am honoured to facilitate a 2h session on the Infra-ordinary as part of the SHARE Conference Aarhus: Artistic research, critical practices and contemporary cities.

This break-out session explores the concept of The Infraordinary – a term coined by Georges Perec to describe the ordinary and habitual – in relation to the urban and build environment. The session addresses the spaces and places that facilitates our everyday existence and coexistence with the city - often being worn invisible by use, thereby not given due attention; most of us climb stairways, move through streets, pass the local kiosk on a daily basis in a sort of spatial anaesthesia.

The main focus evolve around the following questions: What qualities does these spaces have, as integrated parts of the urban body, related to co-existence in real-time and depositions over time? How can critical spatial practices and artistic cross-fertilisations assist to examine and unfold the understanding of these spaces?