Your Observatory
Proposal, temporary structure at Roskilde Festival [2011]
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• a position or building affording an extensive view.

This project is a conglomeration of 3 ideograms; a, an inhabitable mountain side or rock, not dictating how to use it. b, creating an apparatus or observatory for perceiving the joy and drama of the festival. c, a structure that uses the weather actively instead of fighting against it.

7 large elevated mirrors forms an observatory, in which the lively surroundings - constantly in motion - can be perceived. The mirrors guides the view at various points; the Orange Stage, people at the field, the nearby gravel pit, each-other and one-self. The curious will enter the structure where interactions and new focal points emerges, making it his provisional territory. Additionally, sound will be directed by the mirror surfaces creating a modulated sound landscape.
Throughout the structure, translucent netting forms unprogrammed inhabitable spaces with mirror-views attached to each. At night, these are lit up at strategic places and activated by motion sensors, creating an ever-changing visual and spatial appearance. The mirrors double-functions as rain collectors, leading water into a silo - an industrial urban ready-made, closely associated with the scaffolding.
At dry days, by public demand, this excess water is released by nozzles as a particle cloud of artificial rain; Roskilde’s own weather. Unlike most consumer products and (temporary) architecture, no excess material is used; the framework is auto-aesthetic itself, and direct reusable. The open system encourages modifications and additions, ex. hammocks, spatial dividers etc.
Altogether, this creates a temporary living organism; raised by the shifting characters flowing through its veins.