The Motel: Eroding Temporalities of the Infraordinary
City as Archive [2012]
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Prelude Investigations of the infraordinary - as described by Georges Perec, what happens when nothing happens, the everyday, the non-event, the humdrum, started off by heading blindfolded into the urban geography, being the flâneur, open to chance encounters. The city is perceived as a multidimensional physical framework, an archive, that can contain everything - and that remembers.
34th Avenue, Queens, NY
The Motel serves as a testing ground - being an miniature, accelerated version of the neighbourhood itself - for investigations and experimentation, build upon the site-specific potentials and existing narratives. Intertwined with the existing social vertexes and characters (the laundry lady, cousin’s deli, etc), the Motel charts, records and remembers its transient inhabitants, in a staged performance of events and infraordinary (motel) elements - of which some is inoculated, cross-fertilized and slightly diviated (such as The Coconut Bed), altering the experienced world, eroding permanences and incorporated memory of both the inhabitants and motel itself.
Time perspectives
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