Coexistence in a Restless Borough
Intertwining Pipes and Narratives [2011]
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Cut into the roof of an historic building, The Globe Pub, Borough Market, London, this projects deals with coexistence between the inhabitants of the existing and new structures though connecting, infrastructural conduits.

The actual program were developed continuously through the project, starting with a short film about the connecting pipes and cords at site, followed by an short story, ending up becoming 1) an extendable sleep-over space for a modern nomad delivering meat between several markets. 2) a minimal apartment. 3) two shared offices, separated by a moveable wall. Moreover a shared restroom, serving as a focal point of internal interaction.
Superimposed Memory
The memory of a shared telephone-line between inhabitants of a stairway - and the coexistence around this event - superimposed and investigated with the related spatial situation of The Globe.
Conduit of Correlation
Studies of conduits and pipes and coexistence through these are translated into a set of correlation devices through which the inhabitants can follow each other through the load-bearing structures and intertwining conduits; the smell of a pie coming leaving the oven on 2nd floor, the vague glance through the mirror system or the conversation from the bar travelling to the roof.

Model in wood, mdf, bronze
Conduits double-functions as load bearing structures and infrastructural routes for garbage, water and heating.
Roof Cut / Cardboard
Roof Cut / Roof Model
1:1 and model studies of porous membranes that - inspired by the nature of the old worn-out conduits - can collect water, breathe with the seasons and change appearance over time.

Pencil, acetate, print.

Pencil, acetate, print.
Spaces of Negotiation Collapsible spaces unfolded and altered when inhabited and thereby modifying spatial relations and situations of neighbours and creates a situation of negotiation and interaction.
Model in wood, mdf, polycarbonate, metal bars