Architectural Probes of the Infraordinary
Social Co-Existence through Everyday Spaces
PhD, Aarhus School of Architecture [2013-2017]
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Most of us pass along kiosks, grill bars, pubs, dry cleaners, turn street corners, rise up stairways on a daily basis, in a sort of spatial anaesthesia. The PhD project explores this infraordinary dimension of the city – opposite of the extraordinary – as a physical medium of social coexistence between people. These unregarded spatial structures of the everyday have functions apart from their practical one, being places of social correlation and informal interaction. Artistic and critical spatial practices are deployed to by-pass the usual hierarchies of perception and unlock the latent spatial potential for a recalibration of the social dimension of the city.

The dissertation takes the form of a travel guide to 'The Infraordinary City' made up of the site-specific 'urban biopsies' in DK, the UK and the US.