Appointed to the Joint Corps of Examiners DK

15. August 2018 The External Examiners’ Secretariat has asked the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education to appoint Espen Lunde Nielsen as external examiner as part of the joint team of external examiners for higher artistic educational programmes under The Ministry of Higher Education and Science...

FORSK! When Architects Research

22. April 2018 Proud to be part of the exhibition and publication 'FORSK! When Architects Research'. The exhibition will be at Den Rå Hal, at Godsbanen Aarhus and will run through April 2017. The exhibition catalogue will come a DK and UK version, ISBN: 978-87-90979-74-4...

Danish Art Foundation grant

25. March 2018 THANKS! Honoured by The Danish Arts Foundation supporting my project 'Det Upåagtede Genanvendt og Gentænkt’ - an endeavour on the infraordinary through an experimental transformation of my grandparent's self-built house!
> NO38 Architecture+Research

NO38 Architecture+Research

01. January 2018 NO38 Architecture+Research relocated to Vesterbro, Copenhagen in 2017. In 2018 the first buildings are moving into realisation and a range of project in the intersection between research, art and architecture are underway...

Dwelling Lecture Series, AAA

15. November 2017 On the 15th of November I will be part of the Dwelling Lecture Series at Aarhus School of Architecture alongside prominent speakers. All welcome in the big auditorium!

PhD Defence, AAA

14. March 2017 SAVE THE DATE: My PhD dissertation has been nominated for public defence on the 14th of March, 2017 by the jury. It is going to be held in MockUp at Aarhus School of Architecture and will be accompanied by a small exhibition and drinks...

Infraordinary Deposits Exhibition

06. April 2016 Today, my exhibition Infraordinary Deposits presents three works in progress from my current PhD-project.

The exhibition includes an interactive installation that explores the diversity and history of the Danish hot-dog kiosk, an essay-film recorded in various locations (across the US and Denmark) and a monument to my grandmother’s kiosk that has seized to exist, but was an important social gathering point in the neighbourhood...

Ventura Lambrate II

01. April 2016 An excerpt from my short film Accumulations (2016) is part of the History as Catalyst exhibition by Aarhus School of Architecture as part of Milan Design Week 2016. The short film explores the (infra-)ordinary versus the extraordinary collective memory of the built environment: From cathedrals and boulevards to kiosks and cigarette packs...

Making Research Conference

12. September 2015 Presenting 'Probing and Occupying the Hot-Dog Kiosk. Another Glance: Bypassing the Usual Hierarchies of Perception through Making' at the International conference Making Research│Researching Making at Aarhus School of Architecture as part of the Adapt-r network ...

Journal of Artistic Research #8

01. September 2015 My article Hinges of Correlation: Spatial Devices of Social Coexistence featured in Journal for Artistic Research #8 published by the Society for Artistic Research...

Sélection Poétique!

01. June 2015 My project at Ventura Lambrate 2015, Real-time Grill Bar Occupation, has been picked by online magazine Completement Flou as 'Sélection Poétique!', as well as by Alterego Magazine among others...

Ventura Lambrate

14. April 2015 My work Real-time Grill Bar Occupation is featured at Aarhus School of Architecture's exhibition 'Engaging Through Architecture' at Ventura Lambrate 2015, Milan...

KÅRK #28

27. March 2015 Featured in KÅRK #28, with 'Home of Familiar Strangers: A Journey Around My Apartment'.

Arch&Lit: InterArtsDialogue(s)

04. December 2014 Presenting my paper 'The Infraordinary as Spatial Discourse: The Tongue of the Dry Cleaner' at the International conference Arch&Lit: InterArtsDialogue(s) in Lisboa, Portugal.

Haunting Aarhus

03. September 2014 The next two weeks I will assist on the start-up workshop 'Haunting Aarhus' run by Nat Chard, Michael Jemtrud, Florian Köhl and Colin Herperger.

SHARE Conference Aarhus

20. June 2014 This friday I am honoured to facilitate a 2h session on the Infra-ordinary as part of the SHARE Conference Aarhus: Artistic research, critical practices and contemporary cities...

Onsite Review

07. April 2014 Featured in the newly released issue of Onsite Review no. 31: Mapping | Photography with the article 'The Map of the Camel Driver'.

Visiting Research Student

13. January 2014 Currently visiting the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, supervised by Jane Rendell and Iain Borden, following the modules 'Theorising Practices' and 'Representations of Cities', while exploring and researching the infra-ordinary city of London.

Acquired Techniques II

03. December 2013 Acquired Techniques II:
Unfolding Spatial Mechanisms

By forensic investigations of machines, this workshop unfolds the spatial mechanisms of the tools and techniques related to the architectural working process and methods...

Ph.D Fellowship

16. September 2013 Awarded a three-year fellowship to undertake a Ph.D titled 'Architectural Probes of the Infraordinary: Coexistence through Everyday Spaces' at the Aarhus School of Architecture.

Intermediate Vessels Opening

14. September 2013 Opening of the KA-workshop 'Intermediate Vessels - alternative presence at Basin 7'. at Pier 4, Aarhus at 12.00.

During the workshop a boat were dissected into a taxonomy of parts, being the foundation for spatial potential of 26 vessels installed at the 230m abandoned crane track at Pier 4/Basin 7...

Intermediate Vessels

04. September 2013 Start-up KA-startup workshop for 200 candidate students at the AAA, led by Shin Egashira renowned architect, artist and teacher from Architectural Association School of Architecture, London alongside: Nat Mosley, Karianne Halse, Anders Kruse and Espen Lunde Nielsen...


19. April 2013 No38 is honoured and delighted to be awarded a grant from Esther og Jep Finks Mindefond to explore the potentials of peripheral Denmark and the terrain vague, through studies of the Rust Belt of the US, serving as allegory and field of experimentation...


01. March 2013 NO38 established No38 - a shared platform and laboratory for research and experimentation - with Karianne Halse.

'No 38 is an old worn-out stairway in dark, varnished wood...

Acquired Techniques

22. January 2013 Leading workshop, Acquired Techniques - a Leap into the Archive, at AAA alongside James Martin, Karianne Halse and Mika Friis. Following the footsteps of past travelers this is a journey into tools and techniques of the architectural process...

Workshop AAA

25. October 2012 In charge of a 5 day workshop of 132 potential students at Aarhus School of Architecture.

VA goes commercial

04. April 2012 Vertical Archive's latest music video, REM of Pale Corners, premieres on Swedish Television.
Vertical Archive is through collective works exploring the horizontal spectra from architecture to motion pictures.


13. November 2011 This week Coexistence in a Restless Borough will be exhibited at the Exhibition Hall, Aarhus School of Architecture alongside the other 8 nominated projects for Icopal Prisen. Last week the project were shown at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts...

Winner of Icopal Prisen

07. November 2011 Among 54 projects my project 'Inhabitable Roof / Coexistence in a Restless Borough' received 1st prize. More at

Your Observatory

01. March 2011 My proposal for a temporary structure at Roskilde Festival 2011 uploaded.

Return from Berlin

04. December 2010 This saturday we left our old coal/gas heated apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. The projects conducted in the fall of 2010 will be online after some post-production.