I am involved in the intersecting positions between architecture, art, research and technology. Originally trained as both building architect and urban planner the scope is simultaniously on the panorama and the detail. A particular focus has been on the infraordinary as a catalyst of everyday socio-spatial coexistence between inhabitants of the city - and explore critical spatial practices to unlock the spatial potential of what is worn half-invisible by daily use.

Currently Ph.D. Fellow (2013-2017) at
Aarhus School of Architecture,

+45 25330433
Visiting Research Student
Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London,
London, UK, Spring 2014

MA. of Arts in Architecture
Aarhus School of Architecture,
Aarhus Denmark 2009 - 2012

BA. of Arts in Architecture
Aarhus School of Architecture,
Aarhus Denmark 2006 - 2009

Publication list:

Architectural Probes of the Infraordinary; Social Coexistence through Everyday Spaces
Aarhus School of Architecture
November 2016
(March 2017)

The Urban Function of the Infraordinary: Dry Cleaners as Social Vertexes
In Spaces and Flows: An International Journal of Urban and ExtraUrban Studies, Volume 8, Issue 1, 10 pages (November 2016),
ISSN: 2154-8676

Dialogues; The City as Archive
In Engaging through Architecture, edited by Morten Daugaard, Andriette Ahrenkiel, and Johan Verbeke, 19-20. Arkipelaget. Arkitektskolens Forlag, 2015.
ISBN: 978-87-90979-51-5

Hinges of Correlation: Spatial Devices of Social Coexistence
Journal for Artistic Research #8 (September 1, 2015).
ISSN: 2235-0225

Home of Familiar Strangers: A Journey Around My Apartment
KÅRK, no. 28 (March 27, 2015): 22-27.

Probing and Occupying the Hot Dog-Kiosk: Another Glance. Bypassing the Usual Hierarchies of Perception through Making.
Making Research I Researching Making, September 2015, 380-88.

Tongue of the Dry Cleaner
38 pages, 2015.
ISBN: 87-91051-15-0

The Infraordinary as Spatial Discourse,
Arch&Lit, Lisbon, Portugal. Digital conference proceedings.

The Map of the Camel Driver
Edited by Stephanie White. ONSITE Review Photography | Cartography, no. 31 (spring 2014).

Acquired Techniques: A Leap into the Archive
Co-authored by Karianne Halse, James Martin, and Mika K. Friis.
44 pages.
Arkitektskolen Aarhus, 2013.


Infraordinary Deposits (solo)
Aarhus School of Architecture (canteen)
FORSK Series #3
April - June 2016

Inhabitants of the Historical Pavement,
At 'History as Catalyst' Exhibition, Aarhus School of Architecture, Ventura Lambrate, Milano, Italy
April 2016

Probing and Occupying the Hot Dog-Kiosk
At Adapt-r Making Research / Research Making Exhibition, Aarhus School of Architecture
September 2015

Archiving Instrument; Real-time Grill Bar Occupation
At 'Engaging through Architecture' Exhibition, Aarhus School of Architecture, Ventura Lambrate, Milano, Italy
April 2015

Eroding Permanences of the Infraordinary; City as Archive
Thesis project at curated exhibition, Musikhuset, Aarhus
January - February 2012

Coexistence in a Restless Borough
Icopal Winner's Exhibition,
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation
+ Aarhus School of Architecture