Architect, Ph.D.
based in Copenhagen
NO38 Architecture+Research

I am involved in the intersecting positions between architecture, art, research and technology. Originally trained as both building architect and urban planner the scope is simultaneously on the panorama and the detail. A particular focus has been on the infraordinary as a catalyst of everyday socio-spatial coexistence between inhabitants of the city - and explore critical spatial practices to unlock the spatial potential of what is worn half-invisible by daily use.

Awarded a Ph.D degree in Architecture in March 2018 with the dissertation 'Architectural Probes of the Infrarodinary: Social Coexistence Through Everyday Spaces'.

+45 25330433
Ph.D Fellow
Aarhus School of Architecture,
Aarhus, Denmark, 2013-2018

Visiting Research Student
Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London,
London, UK, Spring 2014

MA. of Arts in Architecture
Aarhus School of Architecture,
Aarhus Denmark 2009 - 2012

BA. of Arts in Architecture
Aarhus School of Architecture,
Aarhus Denmark 2006 - 2009

Member of the Nordic Association of Architectural Research

Peer-reviewer for Journal of Artistic Research (JAR)

Publication list:

in 'The Production of Knowledge in Architecture by PhD Research in the Nordic Countries'.
The NAAR Proceedings Series published by Nordic Academic Press of Architectural Research
(July 2018)
ISSN 2535-4523

Arkitektoniske undersøgelser af det infra-ordinære / Architectural Probes of the Infraordinary
in 'FORSK! When Architects Research'.
Aarhus School of Architecture
(April 2018)
ISBN: 978-87-90979-74-4.

Architectural Probes of the Infraordinary; Social Coexistence through Everyday Spaces
Aarhus School of Architecture
November 2016
(March 2017)

The Urban Function of the Infraordinary: Dry Cleaners as Social Vertexes
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Hinges of Correlation: Spatial Devices of Social Coexistence
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ISSN: 2235-0225

Home of Familiar Strangers: A Journey Around My Apartment
KÅRK, no. 28 (March 27, 2015): 22-27.

Probing and Occupying the Hot Dog-Kiosk: Another Glance. Bypassing the Usual Hierarchies of Perception through Making.
Making Research I Researching Making, September 2015, 380-88.

Tongue of the Dry Cleaner
38 pages, 2015.
ISBN: 87-91051-15-0

The Infraordinary as Spatial Discourse,
Arch&Lit, Lisbon, Portugal. Digital conference proceedings.

The Map of the Camel Driver
Edited by Stephanie White. ONSITE Review Photography | Cartography, no. 31 (spring 2014).

Acquired Techniques: A Leap into the Archive
Co-authored by Karianne Halse, James Martin, and Mika K. Friis.
44 pages.
Arkitektskolen Aarhus, 2013.


FORSK! When Architects do Research
Den Rå Hal, Godsbanen, Aarhus
Part of ‘Conference for Artistic and Architectural (Doctoral) Research’, CA2RE.
April 2018

Alleyway Points (w/ Anders Kruse Aagaard)
WORKS+WORDS 2017, Biennale in Artistic Research in Architecture
March - May 2017

Infraordinary Deposits (solo)
Aarhus School of Architecture (canteen)
FORSK Series #3
April - June 2016

Inhabitants of the Historical Pavement,
At 'History as Catalyst' Exhibition, Aarhus School of Architecture, Ventura Lambrate, Milano, Italy
April 2016

Probing and Occupying the Hot Dog-Kiosk
At Adapt-r Making Research / Research Making Exhibition, Aarhus School of Architecture
September 2015

Archiving Instrument; Real-time Grill Bar Occupation
At 'Engaging through Architecture' Exhibition, Aarhus School of Architecture, Ventura Lambrate, Milano, Italy
April 2015

Eroding Permanences of the Infraordinary; City as Archive
Thesis project at curated exhibition, Musikhuset, Aarhus
January - February 2012

Coexistence in a Restless Borough
Icopal Winner's Exhibition,
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation
+ Aarhus School of Architecture